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TBC ... AMERICAN VAMPIRE #1 (Stephen King & Scott Snyder / Rafael Albuquerque)

"Vertigo's roots are in horror. It makes sense for us to do a vampire series. But if we do it, we have to do it in a fresh and exciting way. And that's exactly what 'American Vampire' is all about."
Karen Berger, Vice-Présidente du label Vertigo

Le label Vertigo de l’éditeur DC Comics publiera à partir de mars 2010 une nouvelle série régulière intitulée American Vampire, qui contiendra deux histoires de 16 pages, l’une écrite par Scott Snyder (écrivain qui a fait ses débuts dans le milieu du comic-book américain cette année avec le récit complet The Human Torch Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1), l’autre par Stephen King !

En effet, le maître incontesté de l’horreur a décidé d’écrire pour la première fois un comic-book original, qui ne soit pas l’adaptation de l’un de ses romans (The Dark Tower, The Stand, Talisman, Stephen King's Creepshow) ou un emploi de personnages qu’il n’a pas créés (Batman #400, Bizarre Adventures #29, Heroes for Hope Starring the X-Men #1).

American Vampire présentera aux lecteurs une vision originale des vampires, fortement imprégnée par la culture américaine, Snyder s’intéressant aux années 20, aux music-halls, au jazz et à Pearl, une jeune femme ambitieuse dont les rêves de gloire vont être brisés par une rencontre funeste, tandis que Stephen King placera son intrigue à l’époque de la conquête de l'Ouest, au XIXème siècle, en suivant la carrière d’un braqueur de banques vampire, Skinner Sweet.

Ces deux histoires qui sont liées entre elles seront dessinées par l’artiste brésilien Rafael Albuquerque (Superman/Batman).

Et voici le communiqué de presse que nous a envoyé le label Vertigo :

Scott Snyder and Stephen King to write a new horror comic book series, AMERICAN VAMPIRE

Celebrated short story writer Scott Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque will launch a new monthly comic book series from Vertigo in March 2010 with a unique contribution from New York Times bestselling novelist Stephen King. The new ongoing series, AMERICAN VAMPIRE, will introduce readers to a new breed of vampire-a more muscular and vicious species of vampire with distinctly American characteristics. The series' first story arc, to be told over the course of five issues, will feature two different stories, one written by Snyder, the other by King.

Snyder's storyline is one of decadence and deception and Jazz Age glamour. Pearl is an ambitious modern woman with starlet dreams. She frequents Hollywood's speakeasies and dance-halls searching for her first big break, only to find something far more sinister waiting for her.

King's story provides the origin of the very first American vampire:Skinner Sweet, a bank robbing, murdering cowboy of the 1880s. Skinner is stronger and faster than previous vampires; he has rattlesnake fangs and is powered by.... the sun?

Following the conclusion of the first story arc, Snyder and Albuquerque will trace Skinner's bloodline through various decades of American history.

"Getting the chance to re-imagine a classic monster-to invent a whole new mythology and secret history-nothing could be more exciting for me . . . except getting the chance to do it with Stephen King at Vertigo.I honestly can't think of any influences more crucial or enduring for me than Vertigo and Stephen King. To have them both involved in AMERICAN VAMPIRE, along with the amazing Rafael Albuquerque-this all a dream come true for me!" -Scott Snyder

"I love vampire stories, and the idea of following the dark exploits of a uniquely American vampire really lit up my imagination. The chance to do the origin story-to be "present at the creation" -was a thrill. I owe big thanks to Scott Snyder for letting me share his vision, and sip from his bucket of blood." -Stephen King
"In a time where vampires are everywhere, Scott and Stephen seem to have done the impossible: An original, inventive and detailed new series. It's a challenging and exciting project I'm proud to be working on." -Rafael Albuquerque

"Publishing a series with a fresh take on the vampire mythos would be incredible enough, but adding the talents of Scott Snyder, an exciting new voice in fiction, and Stephen King, the master of horror himself, is beyond awesome. We are thrilled that Vertigo is the home for this special new work, which we're certain will be a major addition to the timeless and popular appeal of vampire lore everywhere." -Karen Berger

About the creators:

Scott Snyder is best known for his first collection of stories, Voodoo Heart (Dial Press). Stephen King picked two of the included stories-"Wreck" and "Dumpster Tuesday"-for the 2007 Best American Short Stories anthology shortlist. Snyder teaches writing at Columbia University, NYU and Sarah Lawrence College and is working on a novel called The Goodbye Suit, to be published by Dial in 2011. He lives in New York City. This is his first comic book series.

Stephen King is the bestselling author of The Stand, The Shining, The Dark Tower books and multitudes of other works, most recently Under the Dome. AMERICAN VAMPIRE marks Stephen King's debut with Vertigo/DC Comics; it is the first comic book writing he's done, based on original material, as opposed to existing characters.

Rafael Albuquerque is best known for his work on Superman/Batman and Crimeland.

Liens :
Le site de l’éditeur : www.dccomics.com/vertigo
Le site du scénariste : www.voodooheart.com
Le site du scénariste : www.stephenking.com http://club-stephenking.fr
Le site du dessinateur : www.rafaelalbuquerque.com
La galerie du dessinateur : www.rafaelalbuquerqueart.deviantart.com

Source : www.superpouvoir.com

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