mardi 24 novembre 2009

Gone de Mo Hayder

Pascal Grosjean a écrit :

Jack Caffery nous reviendra en 2010 en Angleterre avec Gone...

It's November in the West Country, and evening is closing in as murder detective Jack Caffery arrives to interview the victim of a car-jacking. He's dealt with routine car-thefts before, but this one is different. This car was taken by force. And on the back seat was a passenger. An eleven-year-old girl. Who is still missing. Sergeant Flea Marley is head of the Police Underwater Search Unit and has a theory about the car-jacker. He's done it before, she says to Caffery. Don't underestimate him because he's far more dangerous than everyone thinks. Before long the jacker starts to communicate with the police: 'It's started', he tells them. 'And it ain't going to stop just sudden, is it'? And Caffery knows that he's going to do it again. Soon the jacker will choose another car with another child on the back seat. Caffery's a good and instinctive cop; the best in the business, some say. But this time he knows something's badly wrong. Because the jacker seems to be ahead of the police - every step of the way...

Le 05ème opus de la série des enquêtes de Jack Caffery paraitra en 2010 aux UK. Bientôt aux Presses de la Cité !

Frédéric Fontès

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